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Are all sellers the same?

Are all sellers the same?
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Are all sellers the same?  ...... NO!



Real estate professionals (REALTOR) and Auctioneers are licensed by the State of Texas. Minimum education reqiorements must be met to obtain license. Both have continued education. Both are accountable to the state and various professional oranizations. You can learn more at TDLR. Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation. All sellers do not have licensing requirments and that is where you need to find out who you are doing business with before engaging them to sell your assets.Here is a list of questions you may want to ask:


1) Are you licensed by the State?      


2) Do you have a pysical address and what is is?

3) Do you carry General Liability Insurance?(theft, damage to property or location when removing property)

4)  How will my property be marketed and sold?(direct mail, ads, social media, radio, enaail blast)

5) Will there be a oreview before the sale for potential buyers to come look?

6)Do you pay the Sales Tax to the state that is collected?

7) What about shipping?(if shipping allowed who will pack and take to shipper? Who and how do they pay?) 

8) Are your people 'employee' or 'sub-contractor'?

9) What documentation will I recieve from the sale? (gross sale / commission deducted etc)

10) When will I be paid?  These questions along with some due dilligence in checking social media and the BBB (Better Business Bureau) Professuinal companies will not mind you asking and        will be happy to go over all your questions. If they ibject, than you may want to consider continuing your search. Aeets sales regardless of the format can be a little stressful. Knowing you are beubg reoresebted with integrity and ethical practices should help minimize that stress. Good luck!




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