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Are all sellers the same?
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Selling property at auction is fast & effective method of selling property so you quickly access funds & move forward with your financial goals.


Real Estate: Homes and commercial

  • Market and promote property prior to sale 
  • Host preview day(s)  property prior to sale
  • Hold live and / or online auction
  • Prepare cocumentation for attorneys / Deed Recording  
  • Deliver documentation packag& proceeds quickly as required by law


Personal / Tangable Property: Furniture, Fixtures, Inventory, and Equipment

  • On-site at your location
  • Move and sell at our location in Ft Worth, Tx
  • Clean, minor repar for best presentation
  • Market and promote prior to sale
  • Exosure from website,email, social media & ads
  • Live and/or online sale
  • Delivery of documentation & proceeds promptly